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In sports in general, and perhaps in football especially, focus in the media is always much to mens' advantage. The common interest for football is men's football and it is also there the big investments and the big money is made. In a small attempt to equalize the injustice this little info-site will be dedicated to ladies' football. We have exceptional female football players in the UK, and many great teams.

Interest and discrimination

In the early days of women's football, right after WWI, there was a much greater common interest from the masses than is seen even today, and it even took the limelight off men's football for some years, which caused a lot of jealousy. Soon the government had women's football banned with the explanation that it was harmful for women's bodies. 

The ban put a complete stop to women's football until the late 19060's when the Women's Football Association was founded. The restrictions on the playing rights of women weren't withdrawn until 1971 - on orders from the UEFA.

The real interest for women's football in the UK resurrected in the 1990's when there was a sudden increase of women wanting to play again. In 2005, England hosted the Women's European Championships.


Today the UK top teams run international competition. Nationally the most important cup is the FA Women's Cup and internationally it is the UEFA Women's Champions League. There is still a lot of work to be done before women's football gets even half of the status and funding that men's football does, but we are moving in the right direction.